Women Are Rising

The Story

Hi I’m Katie and I am the fearless leader of this podcast series.

But I wasn't always this way...

For many years of my life I felt just like you do now. Afraid to speak up. Unloveable because I was "different". Obedient and kind but never really happy.  I even felt depressed and suicidal...

And then I got a SECOND CHANCE...

Several years ago after being hit by a taxi  my life began to unravel and I knew I had to change. 

I hadn't been living my life as if I mattered, and it became my mission to not only live the rest of my life as if I did, but to teach others how to do it too. 

 I found spirituality as a means of healing.  I began to seek out answers and I was hungry for the truth.

I worked with many masters and healers and one psychic delivered a message to me.

His name was Sam and I’d visit him often and every time he said “I am Woman Hear Me Roar” .

I never understood why until recently.  

For years I stood in silence while I witnessed myself and others on this journey… 

feeling alone, ashamed and unsure of what to do, say or be. 

There were so many feelings unexpressed, wounds unhealed and hearts left broken or closed down. 

Over the years of healing, meditating, teaching and working with others I began to notice that a vital piece of the puzzle was missing: and that was a safe and sacred space where we could come together to share, laugh, cry and simply be ourselves.

It was always about fixing or changing, denying or hiding and giving advice and I began to understand that there was a massive lack of listening and allowing and that needed to change.

I felt the separation between us and I knew what I wanted to do.

I had to start a conversation and this is my answer… because if we don't start sharing and talking about the things that hurt, nothing will EVER change.


And so Women Are Rising was born…

And it is for all of us, because we each have a story to tell and we all know what it feels like to suffer in silence.  

But not anymore.  

Welcome to a space where it is safe to be who you are, to own your story and share it with the world.  Because we are stronger together than we ever will be apart.

And I cannot wait to see us all RISE as we come together to tell our truths and transform our pain into love.   

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