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Meeting Johanna Burkhardt: From a stroke to a spiritual awakening

alcoholism anxiety podcast Dec 15, 2017

When I first met Johanna I was struck by her enthusiasm and joy. 

She was raised seeking attention from her alcoholic father.  And then as an adult, the emotional trauma of losing him took its toll. 

Johanna experienced extreme anxiety that caused paralysis in half her body leading to the misdiagnoses of a stroke and depression so strong she found herself on the brink of suicide. It wasn’t till she released the reigns of control and surrendered to a higher power of her own understanding that she was able to begin a healing spiritual journey.

Here's what Johanna had to say about what Women Are Rising means to her: 

"Women all around the world lighting up, healing themselves and others, stepping into their truth"

What's Johanna's advice for women out there facing anxiety, stress, overwhelm and more?

"That it's time for us all to step into our power and light this world up. We need to heal this world."

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