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Meeting Nina Dafe of The Far Above Rubies Collection

One of my favorite interviews has been with this woman right here: Miss Nina Dafe! 

Why? Because like me she shares a passion and curiosity for challenging the way women have been depicted throughout history and she focuses on the Bible! 

It takes great courage to do this and Nina is FULL of it. 

She shares an incredible story about how she overcame negative body image and really began to find her place in life and society by pushing the boundaries of she'd been given. 

She draws on  special interest in feminism, womanism and female empowerment to:

  1.  Dismantle the mindsets that keep women from enjoying the same opportunities and human rights as their male counterparts
  2. Help women who are struggling with the same issues of low self and body image as I once did due to the same afore-mentioned religious dogma

Do not miss this 1 hour interview as Nina and I have the best time riffing on questions like "Why does Eve have to take all the blame" and "where are all the women rockstars in the Bible?" and don't be surprised when she lets us know that there were women entrepreneurs even THEN! 

Here's what Nina had to say about what Women Are Rising means to her: 

"Women Are Rising speaks to me of women coming together to empower each other, especially through sharing their inspirational stories of overcoming adversity. It speaks to me of a sisterhood and support network so that, as one woman bears her scars, another will know that she's not alone and have a sense of "if she can make it; so can I".

What's Nina's advice for others going through their own personal WAR and rising? 

"If I had to narrow it down to one thing, it'd be- "As a man thinketh, so is he":

In order to make any kind of shift and become the women we want to be, we must first start with our mindset because, as Earl Nightingale said, "we become what we think about".

Given this fact (as with my experience with low self and body image) we have to spend time confronting our negative beliefs about ourselves and trying to figure out where they came from.

Once we do that, we have to spend time challenging and uprooting them. We achieve that by planting new; more positive thoughts- whether that be through research and investigation to see if these beliefs are true, reading books, listening to podcasts or changing your circle of influence (all of which, I did).

You then need to take the action needed to become the woman you want to be. That involves implementing the new things you've learned, changing your habits and maintaining them (for "our habits become our values, our values become our character and our character becomes our destiny"

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