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Meeting Dr. Perpetua Neo

When I put the call out for Women who were ready to share their story, Dr. Perpetua Neo was right up front ready to go. And it's obvious why. 

She has a powerful story of how she overcome being trapped in an abusive relationship and became a therapist who helps other women combat anxiety, lack of self love and beyond. 

And what I loved most about talking to her was how honest and direct she was with her story while sharing the details that came with her remarkable journey.  

Do not miss this 1 hour interview as Perpetua and I dig into hot topics like body image and loving yourself vs. narcissism, what gaslighting really is and how you can overcome it, and why it's so easy to be a "broken woman" and "crazy".

Here's what Perpetua had to say about what Women Are Rising means to her: 

"Warrior. The proverb "they thought they buried us, they didn't know we were seeds"."

What's Perpetua's advice for others going through their own personal WAR and...

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