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Meeting Jen Turrell: The woman behind Financial Fluency and More

Jen Turrell has one of the most incredible stories and I was beyond humbled to share it with her on the podcast.

After being raised in a cult and being abused for 12 years she managed to not only escape but thrive and overcome everything she faced as a young woman.

Brave, bold and fiercely feminine are 3 words to describe how this wonderful woman has risen above the odds and used her experiences to help other women find financial freedom and love in so many ways.

Do yourself a favor and listen in and get ready to be inspired and awestruck... I certainly was and still am.

Here's what Jen had to say about what Women Are Rising means to her: 

"There is life after abuse. What was done to you does not define you. Women are so strong and resilient. Life is harder for us in many many ways, but that doesn't mean we can't create a bigger, better, happier life for ourselves and those we love.

What's Jen's advice for others going through their own personal WAR and rising especially around...

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