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The Story of WAR & Peace



What does a naked handmaiden, nasty college girls and Peace have to do with Women Are Rising?

Listen in as I share my experience of playing the part of the woman who ends the war all while clad in stripper heels and lingerie.

When I played the role of Peace in 2002, I thought she was nothing but a sex object and it broke my spirit and set me up for years of objectification and misunderstandings.

Yes that's me in the skivvies in front of the US Treasury building in 2002

But it turns out the message of Peace was far more than I ever imagined...

The truth behind the Goddess of Peace delivers the power of the feminine and the secret to ending the battle we are currently in. 

If you want to know to end the WAR you're in... listen in and share in the wisdom that Peace has to offer. 

In this 20 min episode I offer insight as to what the eclipse of 2017 was returning to the planet and my own personal journey with the return of the feminine in the form of Peace.

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