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Meeting Johanna Burkhardt: From a stroke to a spiritual awakening

alcoholism anxiety podcast Dec 15, 2017

When I first met Johanna I was struck by her enthusiasm and joy. 

She was raised seeking attention from her alcoholic father.  And then as an adult, the emotional trauma of losing him took its toll. 

Johanna experienced extreme anxiety that caused paralysis in half her body leading to the misdiagnoses of a stroke and depression so strong she found herself on the brink of suicide. It wasn’t till she released the reigns of control and surrendered to a higher power of her own understanding that she was able to begin a healing spiritual journey.

Here's what Johanna had to say about what Women Are Rising means to her: 

"Women all around the world lighting up, healing themselves and others, stepping into their truth"

What's Johanna's advice for women out there facing anxiety, stress, overwhelm and more?

"That it's time for us all to step into our power and light this world up. We need to heal this world."

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Meeting Nina Dafe of The Far Above Rubies Collection

One of my favorite interviews has been with this woman right here: Miss Nina Dafe! 

Why? Because like me she shares a passion and curiosity for challenging the way women have been depicted throughout history and she focuses on the Bible! 

It takes great courage to do this and Nina is FULL of it. 

She shares an incredible story about how she overcame negative body image and really began to find her place in life and society by pushing the boundaries of she'd been given. 

She draws on  special interest in feminism, womanism and female empowerment to:

  1.  Dismantle the mindsets that keep women from enjoying the same opportunities and human rights as their male counterparts
  2. Help women who are struggling with the same issues of low self and body image as I once did due to the same afore-mentioned religious dogma

Do not miss this 1 hour interview as Nina and I have the best time riffing on questions like "Why does Eve have to take all the blame" and "where...

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The Story of WAR & Peace



What does a naked handmaiden, nasty college girls and Peace have to do with Women Are Rising?

Listen in as I share my experience of playing the part of the woman who ends the war all while clad in stripper heels and lingerie.

When I played the role of Peace in 2002, I thought she was nothing but a sex object and it broke my spirit and set me up for years of objectification and misunderstandings.

Yes that's me in the skivvies in front of the US Treasury building in 2002

But it turns out the message of Peace was far more than I ever imagined...

The truth behind the Goddess of Peace delivers the power of the feminine and the secret to ending the battle we are currently in. 

If you want to know to end the WAR you're in... listen in and share in the wisdom that Peace has to offer. 

In this 20 min episode I offer insight as to what the eclipse of 2017 was returning to the planet and my own personal journey with the return of the feminine in the form of Peace.

Listen to...

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Meeting Dr. Perpetua Neo

When I put the call out for Women who were ready to share their story, Dr. Perpetua Neo was right up front ready to go. And it's obvious why. 

She has a powerful story of how she overcome being trapped in an abusive relationship and became a therapist who helps other women combat anxiety, lack of self love and beyond. 

And what I loved most about talking to her was how honest and direct she was with her story while sharing the details that came with her remarkable journey.  

Do not miss this 1 hour interview as Perpetua and I dig into hot topics like body image and loving yourself vs. narcissism, what gaslighting really is and how you can overcome it, and why it's so easy to be a "broken woman" and "crazy".

Here's what Perpetua had to say about what Women Are Rising means to her: 

"Warrior. The proverb "they thought they buried us, they didn't know we were seeds"."

What's Perpetua's advice for others going through their own personal WAR and...

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Women Are Rising The Podcast is LIVE!

feminine energy podcast Nov 01, 2017

It is with great pleasure, joy and excitement that we announce the official launch of Women Are Rising the podcast! 

Yes! As of Nov 1st, you can listen to our teaser and Episode 1 Welcome from myself, and as of this Friday, we will begin releasing on a weekly basis. 

Where can you listen? 

We're on all the big platforms out there, so take your pick but PLEASE subscribe so you can stay up to date and listen to our incredibly inspiring content. 

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What can you do to help us?  

Every review, every subscription, every download counts! We need YOUR HELP, to help us spread the word. So please be sure to not just listen but: 

1) Subscribe to your platform of choice 

2) Leave a Review! 

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