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Meet Johanna Burkhardt

I guide women to up level their life, profession and awaken their soul by learning to step into their fear, over coming their limiting beliefs and connecting to a power much greater than them. 

What does Women Are Rising Mean to you? 

"Women all around the world lighting up, healing themselves and others, stepping into their truth

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Meet Jen Turrell 

I was raised in a cult where I was physically, mentally and sexually abused for 12 years. I also have two girls with special needs.
 I talk to women about money in terms of feminist finance. Right now women have more control over more of the world's wealth than at any other time in history. And we have more opportunities for earning and investing than ever before
What does Women Are Rising Mean to you? 

"There is life after abuse. What was done to you does not define you.  Women are so strong and resilient. Life is harder for us in many many ways, but that doesn't mean we can't create a bigger, better, happier life for ourselves and those we love." 

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Meet Dr. Perpetua Neo

I teach high-achieving women how to love themselves into an abundant life, so they can perform phenomenally and lead effectively in all areas of their lives. We do this by tackling the big three no one really considers-- toxic relationships, busy minds, panic attacks-- quickly and deeply, because a tree can only soar as high as its roots are deep

What does Women Are Rising Mean to you? 

"Choose to rise; freedom is the sweet nectar that comes from truly loving yourself and remembering who you are. " 

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Meet Nina Dafe

I overcame issues of low self and body image based on the way that women tend to be spoken about within church and the Christian community at large.
I did that by completing over 4 years of research to compare these notions to what the Bible had to say about topics such as women and womanhood.
My mission is to share this expertise, exposing women to the truths that I came into during my years of study and that I attribute to "saving me".
What does Women Are Rising Mean to you? 

"Women coming together to empower each other, especially through sharing their inspirational stories of overcoming adversity.

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